Telephony remains a crucial element in today's business life

These last few years, telephony changed a lot, going from a standard analogue system to the new VoIP technologies that allow a voice to be transmitted over an IP network.

 For Electronic-Design, telephony has always been at the centre of the proposed services as an essential business communication element ( wheter it's between colleagues or for external communication)  

Our vision is to concentrate on the user comfort by offering the most stable products on the market and following our client's wishes.


We have now expanded our offer so that we could integrate the best brands and the most recent technologies on the market. This way, we stay true to our business profile and adapt ourselves to the different sectors.

We install more ancient and modern systems according to your preferences at a very competitive price.

It's also possible to connect our technologies to different devices in order to optimize the communication between your staff and service ( nurse calls in nursing homes or access control)


Nowadays we work especially with RTX and Spectralink as preferred brands

We also have the best solutions of the moment in terms of voice telephony through IP ( VoIP)

You will find an overview of our telephone-related products and services 

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